Welcoming Parishes Initiative

We invite your parish to join with us in the beginning of the HIV Welcoming Parish Initiative as we explore together our call to common life with those who may feel marginalized by the continuing stigma of HIV.

HIV, Health and Holiness: A Guide for the Episcopal Church

This document is a response to a General Convention to develop a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Offering support and guidance while encouraging a network of support.

In response to those in our church who were living with HIV/AIDS and to the growing community of those affected by AIDS - caregivers, partners, friends, and loved ones - the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition (NEAC) was formed in 1988. Today, AIDS continues to spread in spite of treatment breakthroughs. NEAC continues to provide support for HIV and AIDS ministries across the Episcopal Church in the United States.

OCTOBER 30, 2014
From Integrity USA: The church can, therefore, lead in the project of treatment as prevention. The realities of HIV in our own communities should be openly discussed, and education about the various ways (not just abstinence) of navigating such a world should be requisite. We can end stigma together; and, if we end stigma, we may just be able to end HIV.

OCTOBER 28, 2014
It was a perfect fall weekend at the Diocese of Indianapolis’ Waycross Camp when the NEAC Board gathered for their semi-annual retreat.

Today we ask you remember and pray for Philip J. F.